Cool Music!
Harrogate Music Centre

Victoria Shopping Centre

On 22nd November 2014, the Harrogate Music Centre Wind Band helped provide some festive spirit in the middle of Harrogate by playing in front of the Victoria Shopping Centre during the morning.

The varied music as well as the Christmas jumpers, hats and enthusiasm all helped to brighten up a grey cold November morning much to the delight of the morning shoppers.

All performers and Music Centre staff thoroughly enjoyed themselves and many thanks are due to Victoria Shopping Centre who let us perform there, also to the various parents and helpers who were invaluable with setting up and clearing up afterwards.

Many thanks also to Beulah’s who helped by providing us with local chairs to be able to use & somewhere to go during the break!

Further open air events such as this one will be arranged for later in 2015 (after the Gala concert).

Wind Band go to Town!